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Frequently Asked Questions

How are you calculating how much Term Insurance I need?

Term Insurance cover is meant to act as a replacement for your take home income. We use a scientific calculator based on all the inputs provided by you to determine the adequate cover you need, including investments, loans, expenses, any existing insurance cover, and more.

What should I keep in mind while choosing a term plan that suits me best?

There are four main criteria when buying a term plan. Claim Settlement Ratio which indicates how many claims have been settled by the insurer in the past. Brand Value which indicates the trust bestowed upon the insurer. Cost of Insurance which indicates the premium amount to be paid for a certain cover. Solvency Ratio which indicates the ability of the insurer to stay in business. We’ve chosen three insurers that rank high on all of these criterias.

If I already have an LIC, why should I look for a term plan?

While other plans such as LIC/ULIPs might provide you with guaranteed returns or periodic money backs, term plans offer you the option of getting a sufficiently large coverage at a low cost. This allows you to give your family a financially secure future and give yourself peace of mind.